Vintage Door Wedding Backdrops

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I’m obsessed

It's true! I can't tell you the number of hours I've spent sifting through image after image of all the beautiful vintage door wedding backdrops I'm seeing on Pinterest! For the love! Really! I'm swooning over them all! 


photo credit: Wyn Wiley Photography

But what is it about doors for weddings

Well, of course there is just the beauty of them. You know, the architectural aspect of the different styles and such. The chippy paint and old hardware on vintage doors always are eye candy for me. I love them anywhere they are found whether it be as a headboard in a bedroom or just leaned up against a living room wall.

But let's think about how cool they are for weddings. Doors make for great backdrops for the photography of a wedding, of course. Practicality shows them to be great for covering unwanted elements in a room. Old doors add such character and warmth to the setting of a wedding, especially romantic vintage themed weddings.

So, who else sees the symbolism? You "walk" through doors all day long and don't think about it at all. But take a minute and ponder the symbolism. You move from one space to another....going through a door. When couples say "I do" they've gone through a door into the beautiful covenant of marriage that is as old as time.

photo credit: Wyn Wiley Photography

These beautiful old doors were used in my son's wedding. One of my favorite local vintage shops in town provided them. They were a perfect backdrop for the reception. The paper garland was made by yours truly out of old hymnal pages.

photo credit: Wyn Wiley Photography

It has been fun to go back and look at these photos from my personal collection of photos. The amazing photographer gave permission for me to share here. If you want some further enjoyment, go check out my Pinterest board of old vintage doors for wedding backdrops. I've counted the hours of lingering on Pinterest as "research." {sounds good anyways} I'm hoping in future days to come up with some amazing old door displays with my giant paper flowers. So stay tuned for that.

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