I have two words come to my mind as begin this post.


Solace and Creativity

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Words describing solace are “to bring comfort.”

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The definition of creativity is:

“relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.”


My life has been filled with sorrow and heartache over the last few months.  I watched my parents health declined rapidly since Thanksgiving. Mom passed at the end of February and my Dad just a few weeks ago. They died 52 days apart.  In the midst of all this was a breast cancer diagnosis for me that led to surgery just shortly before my dad passed.  I’m healing physically, slowly but surely.

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The healing of my soul is in process too.

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Here are those two words combined:

I find that the production of an artistic work brings comfort.

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My mom had asked me for a paper cake for her church library long before she was so terribly ill.  The church library was at a 50 year celebration mark.  That also meant SHE was celebrating 50 years of doing this ministry for her church.  I didn’t get it made before she passed, but it was a work of comfort to make it in the days after her passing.

mom's paper cake FB WM

The library kept it displayed in the window with her portrait.

2nd library window

Those short 52 days later,  I knew I needed to do something for my dad as well.  He worked with tools, not books.  He was without hobby other than working hard.  But as I pondered, it seemed appropriate to make another repurposed book project for him as well.

dad carrying mom's portrait

I created this cross for him out of a hymnal.  We displayed it on the table along with the American flag he earned by serving our country in the Navy. His portrait, a plaque commemorating his service to his church and one of the hats he ALWAYS wore also were placed there as we honored and celebrated his life.

dad's funeral table

I sell these items.  Cakes and crosses.  But these were extra special.  The creativity was truly a solace to my sorrowful heart.

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