Paper Succulents

Succulents not only love the heat, they are just plain HOT right now! Greenhouses are full of them and they have long been popular on Pinterest and in Magazines.

spiked paper succulent wm | Barb Ann Designs |


paper succulent in little pot wm | Barb Ann Designs |


I love to plant real succulents in pots for the patio.

bunny statue with succulents


I also love to make paper succulents.

paper and real succulent planters | Barb Ann Designs |


Can you tell which ones are paper and which ones are real??

paper succulents plus real ones | Barb Ann Designs |


Here, let me give you some help.

showing paper succulents with arrows


The real deal doesn’t require much care or attention. However, the paper ones even less so. For me? I like having both around. I am having fun with both the dirt and the scissors!

basket of paper succulents | Barb Ann Designs |

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