Mixed Media Pumpkin Canvas

Mixed Media Canvas of Pumpkin Using Hymn Titles

Playing in Mixed Media 

It is August but I find myself making a mixed media pumpkin canvas. What is up with that? Well, I have been craving the change of seasons. The hot air has been closing in on me and I’m pretty much done with Summer. Scrolling through Pinterest has helped or hindered, depending on how you look at it. It has helped me to slip away from the humidity and rising temps as I scroll through countless pictures of leaves, apples, and of course pumpkins. The downside is finding contentment in the here and now. But that is a whole other blog post philosophizing the ins and outs of contentment. (I’ll save that for another time!)


Staring at a computer screen can only get you so far into something and it doesn’t take any creativity to slide your finger down the mouse. So what’s a girl to do when Autumn is calling her name? There are a few page flips on the calendar still waiting to be turned.  An even bigger question is what would satisfy not only my cravings for the next season but also satisfy the need to just make something….Something I haven’t done in ages….Something that feels new and fresh….something that feels like playing around and not work. Well here is the result.

Mixed Media Canvas of Pumpkin Using Hymn Titles


The Process

The process of laying down torn paper randomly, slapping and scrapping paint here and there is really kind of freeing. There’s no precision necessary. In some ways the sloppier the better.  If you don’t like what you’ve done, use more paint or paper to cover it up. My favorite part of creating the background is the anticipation of the end result. It looks like such a mess that is anything but art in the beginning stages. Then as you slowly add detail it comes to life.


mixed media pumpkin canvas closeup of butterfly and lace


The Details

My stash of random scrapbook embellishments, ribbon, and lace are happily rummaged thru to find the perfect accent pieces. While I can paint a pumpkin fairly well (with lots of looking at examples again via Pinterest). There is no way I could paint a beautiful butterfly. But thanks to keeping every scrapbook bit I’ve ever purchased, there was no need. Another thing I have in plenty is hymnals. I make lots of items out of old sheet music and so my stash of vintage sheet music is shall we say “abundant.”  Thumbing through the pages of a hymnal is always a treat. I was in church from day one and the melodies start singing in my head as I turn the pages. Here’s an upbeat version of the song I used.

Mixed Media Canvas of Pumpkin Using Hymn Titles

Using texture for mixed media pumpkin canvas

For the stem, I added a paper leave with some jute strands for a 3d dimension. You can also see some of the gold metallic paint in close detail here. It was a game changer for how I felt about the final result. The gold paint made all the difference for me feeling pleased with what I’d made. NOTE TO SELF:  buy more metallic paint for projects.

Mixed Media Canvas of Pumpkin Using Hymn Titles


Now here’s the question.  Will I sell it or keep it?  Maybe I’ll just make a few more and do both. Either way, those few hours the other evening helped me find some playtime, stir my creativity, and get me just a wee bit closer to my favorite season. Now, back to Pinterest for some more inspiration. If you are a Fall-fanatic like me here are a couple of my boards you might like to follow. Fall Decorating Ideas and Fall Photography.

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  1. Cindy
    | Reply

    How awesome…I love mixed media. And I am not even remotely ready for Autumn (like you are) but I think the pumpkin is so great to enjoy…later. ????

  2. Tammy Huls
    | Reply

    Love it!!! Would love to try some mixed media some time. Love what you did! Maybe you should make a video so i can learn how 😉

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