As everyone knows it was just Mother’s Day this last weekend. It was my first without my mom. She’s certainly been on my mind a lot since then. Actually, it seems she’s often on my mind. I’m not even really sure it feels real that her and my dad are gone.

sympathy card | Barb Ann Designs |

If you read last week’s blog post here, you’ll know that they have both recently passed. First my mom and then 52 days later my dad.  I’m sure Father’s Day will be rough this year as well.

My mom taught me many things. She loved beautiful things like jewelry, dishes, flowers, and home decor. She was creative and could sew pretty much anything. I’m sure my love of beautiful things and creativity are part of my heritage from her!

bowl of buttons | Barb ann Designs |


Mom was drop dead beautiful. I can’t even tell you the number of gorgeous photos I’m finding of her as I sort through things. This one has long been my favorite! It was of her at her Junior Prom.


Beverly Stanley- Junior Prom


Isn’t her dress amazing!!!

I’ve used it in many of my creations.  I made a magnet first.

vintage photo magnet mom wm | Barb Ann Desings |


Then a bookmark.


vintage photo bookmark mom | Barb Ann Designs |


I knew she wouldn’t mind those things. But then one day, I had to tell her: “Mom, I put you in a jar!” She just laughed when I showed her that I made her a garden fairy.  My dad instantly proclaimed that he needed one made for them!

closeup fairy jar mom | Barb Ann Desigsn |


So now that jar that sits on my old sewing table is now extra special to me. I see it every time I come up my stairs.


vintage photo items of mom


I miss my mom but know that she’s with Jesus! That was the best thing my mom did for me. She shared the story of the gospel and was there when I placed my faith in Christ.  I’ll see her again soon. Until then I have memories and a fairy in a jar to remind me of her beauty!

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