Breast Cancer Paper FlowerLife! It has been a whirlwind for me in 2017. I became a member of a club with thousands of other women. It’s a club you really don’t want to be in. But all it takes is one phone call to usher you in as a member. Three words change everything in your world. Those words?????

You have cancer.


It is so unexpected. So surreal. But reality crowds in with scans, biopsies, pathology reports, this doctor’s opinion, that doctor’s opinion, more scans, and so on. I’m on the other side now. Healing from a double mastectomy with reconstruction is my current stage. Great pathology reports confirm I’m done with treatment. Though I wonder about being done. I’m forever changed. Outwardly, it’s obvious with my new perky, yet scarred, breasts. The greater change is inward. I’m not new to suffering and hardship. Two of my four children have serious medical issues that have put us in the hospital over 30 times through the years. My body has failed me a few times before this meet and greet with breast cancer. But this has been different. I am different. I hope it is for the better. I’m still a little numb to be able to feel all the changes.

large pink paper flowers wm


I do see pink everywhere now. It seems to be my new favorite color.


coneflower on wood

outdoors 018

pink petunias


pink-dahlia-paper-flower | Barb Ann Designs |

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