Sometimes, I get asked the question: “How did you start doing paper flowers?” That question has caused me reflection on the how I started many of the things I do.


paper boxes made for a soup shop

paper boxes made for a soap shop


I’ve always said this business has been a journey. Truly the road has had twists and turns. If you’ve read my story here, you’ll know that it all started with handmade cards.


Handmade card with ruffles | Barb Ann Designs


Somewhere along the way, small paper flowers entered the picture. I had been intrigued by a video I saw and began the learning process. I found techniques that were unique to me but just seemed like a good way of doing things.


Paper Rose


Then I started making roses out of sheet music and old books. That seemed to be a hit with people.


paper flower boutonnieres | Barb Ann Desings |


I’ll never forget the random phone call I got one day. It was from a bride who had seen my sheet music flowers and wanted me to know if I did wedding flowers. Well, from that moment on, the answer was yes! Now, I have lost count of the number of wedding flowers I’ve made but it is always a special joy to be chosen by a bride for such a special event!


coral jewel bridal bouquet | Barb Ann Designs |


Another twist in the road was the magnet business that I have. It all started with one of my daughters. She worked for a doctor’s office who had added new staff and had 3 boxes of magnets that were going to the trash since they were outdated. She jumped in with, “I’m sure my mom could do something with those.” Well, of course I could. That was the beginning of that venture. I never dreamed it would become a mainstay of my business.



Thoughtful Images Ink


The large paper flowers were created along the same lines. Someone else made the suggestion. I’ve long worked with a local shop whose owners support my creative endeavors. They were working on a Spring event and asked if I could make some big flowers to go over the mantel. Again, I never dreamed that would turn into what it has.


paper flower set original | Barb Ann Designs |


Those same shop owners asked another time for a paper wedding cake for a display. And yes, again….it was the first of many!


Paper wedding cake staged on suitcases


The moral of this story…. Be open to new things….You never know where they might lead you.

Oh, and PS…. Do YOU have any new ideas for me to try???

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