Getting Crafty

As Makers and Crafters, we not only use creativity to create- we use our resourceful gifts to make life easier. Today I want to show you some of the everyday household items I use in my studio to help me contain the clutter- making it fashionable and functional!

Bowl Me Over

I use bowls all over the studio- they are great for holding buttons, baubles, bobbins, bacon…you get the idea. You can even stack them together to save space and create a treasure tower with items you need for a project.

Do You Know the Muffin Man?

I do, and he helps organize all the little bits and beads for my projects. Muffin tins are amazing organizers and shallow enough that its simple to find what you need. No need to dump jars out all over your workspace when looking for The Perfect One. And the muffin trays will nest securely inside each other so they are stackable and will save valuable workspace. “I have too much workspace,” said no one ever.

Reel It In

I used this vintage fishing reel to store my twine, you could use it for any sort of string or ribbon. I picked this up a one of my favorite local stores called Simply Bungalow. 

What’s Your Hang-Up?

If you’re addicted to washi tape like some people I know (not me, not ever!) you could use a wooden hanger that has a detachable dowel. Slide your collection of beauties on the rod for easy access and a fun display.

Shake it Up

To glitter or not to glitter? Why must the thing we love so much make such a mess? Well, it doesn’t have to! Salt and pepper shakers make the perfect storage container and applicator for all your Shiny Speckles of Love. Keep it from getting all over fingers, hands, floors, cats, etc. Glitter away my friends!

Roller Derby

Should you have a minor mishap while shaking your glitter groove thang, a lint roller can swiftly pick up any rogue sparkles, making cleanup a breeze. Not recommended for use on the cat.

No Mop Needed Here

This ceramic floor tile makes an excellent backdrop for photography. You can find one for less than $1 at your local home improvement store! More on creating perfect photographs to sell your handmade goods in a future post!

Encourage Loafing Around

Save your dough on unnecessary holsters and stands- loaf pans work great! Heat guns, glue guns, staple guns, taser guns (how else are you supposed to keep your husband out of your BabeCave?) all fit nicely into a pan. Watch this tutorial to see how you can double your trouble with two pans to make an organizer!

Rack em’ Up

I use dishwashing racks in a couple of different ways around the studio. They make files easily accessible- and add a splash of color if you find whimsical folders! They are also perfect for those piles of fabric and ribbon scraps that seem to accumulate. You can see what you have instead of forgetting that they’re in that bottom drawer of that one dresser in the back of that one closet in that one room you never go in!

Stick a Fork in Me, I’m Done

Utensil holders make great catch-alls for pens, pencils, markers, scissors, rulers, erasers, licorice and beef jerky. (Crafting sure works up an appetite, am I right?!?!) This countertop version works marvelously, but you can also use the drawer space savers if you are one of those people that are able to keep your drawers neat and tidy.
I’d love to know what every day items you use to create magic in your space- leave me note or a picture of your genius ideas in the comments!

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