Vintage Bread Pan Organizer

Vintage Bread Pan Organizer

I’m all about vintage items and I’m also big into organization. It’s a total win if I can combine both of those loves!┬áSo when I saw this idea, I had to make one for myself. You can make one as well with my step by step photo tutorial.bread pan organizer with fruit | Barb Ann Designs |

Find yourself a pair of matching bread pans at a garage sale, thrift store, or even from your own cabinets. You also need an old fashioned potato masher.

bread pan and masher | Barb Ann Designs |

The other items you’ll need are a drill to make some holes, wire, and wire cutters.

drilling hole in bread pan | Barb Ann Designs |

If you don’t have a drill you can punch the holes with a hammer and a large nail.

hole in bread pan | Barb Ann Designs |

Place two holes in each bread pan on only one side, spaced as shown. Cut yourself two pieces of medium gage wire. Think about it being strong enough to hold the pans together when choosing.

cut wire | Barb Ann Designs |

Place the masher between the pans and wire them together.

put together bread pan and masher | Barb Ann Designs |

thread wire thru holes bread pan | Barb Ann Designs |

Twist the wire together and be sure to clamp the pointed parts downward.

crimp wire down bread pan | Barb Ann Designs |

Here’s how the bottom of your bread pan organizer should look.

bottom bread pan organizer | Barb Ann Designs |

Now comes the fun part! You can decide  multiple ways to use this new little organizing beauty! Use it for produce on the kitchen counter as I showed in the beginning of this post. This organizer would also be great for cosmetics.

bread pan organizer with cosmetics | Barb Ann Designs |

It’s a handy thing to carry out to the backyard grill.

bread pan organizer for bbq | Barb Ann Designs |

Mine is perfectly suited to my studio! It blends in with all the other vintage items I love and fills a purpose as well!

bread pan organizer with art supplies | Barb Ann Designs |

What would you use your bread pan organizer for?? I always love to see others ideas for repurposing and organizing. Share yours in the comments!