Paper Flowers Take Center Stage In Nursery Decor

Paper Flowers Take Center Stage In Nursery Decor

Nursery decor is part and parcel to the whole beauty of celebrating and preparing for a new life. Babies are special and their first baby nursery decor is uniquely momentous. So when I get a request from a new mommy-to-be to make a paper flower set, I am thrilled and honored to be chosen for the task.

Baby Nursery Decor


The color palettes of nurseries are sometimes the traditional you might think for little girls with pinks being a dominate color.


Sometimes the color is found in the wall and the flowers remain neutral with creams and white tones.

Other times a complimentary paper flower color accompanies the pinks like lavender and teal.

Bold colors of navy and teal also make for beautiful complimentary paper flower shades to the pinks.

This nursery set of paper flowers had the extra accent of a matching paper flower mobile in beautiful hues of cream, gold, and gray.

The one consistent thing I notice in customer photographs is that the paper flowers for the nursery always seem to go above the crib. It is the focal point of the room and takes center stage!


I do always caution the mama that they need to think about when those little hands will reach up someday. Of course the mattress goes lower but those little legs and arms can still reach more than you think. ( I speak from experience here!)

paper flower nursery decor


I’ll never forget the planning and preparation that went into my first little one’s room. We painted it yellow (the traditional thing 34 years ago when you didn’t know if it would be a boy or girl). I hung curtains, made a quilt, hung pictures, and set up the crib…..only to move before the baby arrived! I don’t regret it one bit though. I have fond memories of the preparation and anticipation.

So getting to be a part of that with my flowers is pretty special.

Babies….mine are grown. My grand-babies are getting bigger too. I’m glad I still get to help decorate nurseries because babies are really so special! You can shop on Facebook, Etsy or my website if you’d like some flowers to welcome your little one. There is no color palette or size of flowers that can’t be designed just for you and your new bundle of joy. Perhaps your nursery can be in the next edition of a blog post showing off customer photos!

Paper Flowers Photo Shoot!

Paper Flowers Photo Shoot!

Making paper flowers for special events creates a thrill in me that never grows old. I’m especially excited when a professional photographer captures my flowers in stunning ways I can only hope to do myself one day.

Melissa and Beth Photography contacted me about making some paper flowers for a “first birthday” photo shoot. I couldn’t have been more thrilled!

Just look at these gorgeous photos!

The cake was made by Cami’s Cake Company.

It was like opening presents and eating cake for me to be a part of this collaboration to be sure!

Contact me if YOU are in need of some yummy cake decor or an extra special topper for some presents. I just might feature YOUR photos on a future blog post!

Paper Succulents

Paper Succulents

Succulents not only love the heat, they are just plain HOT right now! Greenhouses are full of them and they have long been popular on Pinterest and in Magazines.

spiked paper succulent wm | Barb Ann Designs |


paper succulent in little pot wm | Barb Ann Designs |


I love to plant real succulents in pots for the patio.

bunny statue with succulents


I also love to make paper succulents.

paper and real succulent planters | Barb Ann Designs |


Can you tell which ones are paper and which ones are real??

paper succulents plus real ones | Barb Ann Designs |


Here, let me give you some help.

showing paper succulents with arrows


The real deal doesn’t require much care or attention. However, the paper ones even less so. For me? I like having both around. I am having fun with both the dirt and the scissors!

basket of paper succulents | Barb Ann Designs |

Ideas and Beginnings

Ideas and Beginnings

Sometimes, I get asked the question: “How did you start doing paper flowers?” That question has caused me reflection on the how I started many of the things I do.


paper boxes made for a soup shop

paper boxes made for a soap shop


I’ve always said this business has been a journey. Truly the road has had twists and turns. If you’ve read my story here, you’ll know that it all started with handmade cards.


Handmade card with ruffles | Barb Ann Designs


Somewhere along the way, small paper flowers entered the picture. I had been intrigued by a video I saw and began the learning process. I found techniques that were unique to me but just seemed like a good way of doing things.


Paper Rose


Then I started making roses out of sheet music and old books. That seemed to be a hit with people.


paper flower boutonnieres | Barb Ann Desings |


I’ll never forget the random phone call I got one day. It was from a bride who had seen my sheet music flowers and wanted me to know if I did wedding flowers. Well, from that moment on, the answer was yes! Now, I have lost count of the number of wedding flowers I’ve made but it is always a special joy to be chosen by a bride for such a special event!


coral jewel bridal bouquet | Barb Ann Designs |


Another twist in the road was the magnet business that I have. It all started with one of my daughters. She worked for a doctor’s office who had added new staff and had 3 boxes of magnets that were going to the trash since they were outdated. She jumped in with, “I’m sure my mom could do something with those.” Well, of course I could. That was the beginning of that venture. I never dreamed it would become a mainstay of my business.



Thoughtful Images Ink


The large paper flowers were created along the same lines. Someone else made the suggestion. I’ve long worked with a local shop whose owners support my creative endeavors. They were working on a Spring event and asked if I could make some big flowers to go over the mantel. Again, I never dreamed that would turn into what it has.


paper flower set original | Barb Ann Designs |


Those same shop owners asked another time for a paper wedding cake for a display. And yes, again….it was the first of many!


Paper wedding cake staged on suitcases


The moral of this story…. Be open to new things….You never know where they might lead you.

Oh, and PS…. Do YOU have any new ideas for me to try???

Dreamy Wedding Colors

Dreamy Wedding Colors

Eucalyptus green, cream, and gold….Simply Stunning!! I’m over the moon in love with these color choices one of my bridal clients chose.

It is always such a privilege to be chosen by a bride to help with her decor on the special day. This time was no exception! I can’t wait to see the flowers in the venue instead of just  being displayed on my front porch!

This shade of green was a hard paper to come by. It was worth the search and the camera doesn’t really do it justice.



Adding the gold to this palette was the winning ticket! It made the other flowers pop and brings a bit of glamour to the set.


Each of the variances of color, flower style, and size combine to make this a set that I’m quite proud of! These will be listed in the shop on the website very soon. Until then feel free to contact me for your unique color choices to make that baby nursery, wedding shower, or reception one that is uniquely you!


Something New

Something New

I love when one of my favorite shopkeepers asks me to do a special project. You never know what it will turn in to. A few years back I was asked to make a paper wedding cake for a wedding themed room. Who knew that would result in it being one of my “specialties.”paper wedding cakeNow, I’ve sold several in my Etsy store, had it professionally photographed for a blog, been featured in a Bridal show, and I hope one day to have it in a magazine.paper wedding cakeMy shopkeeper friend has amazing ideas. Now the request was for some giant paper flowers.large paper magnolia

These were amazingly fun to make. My mind can’t stop thinking of the possibilities!

large paper flowerWedding backdrops, nursery rooms, in all white, in every color of the rainbow…..

large paper poppy

I hope this is just another beginning to a new “specialty”
wall grouping of paper flowers