Paper Flowers Take Center Stage In Nursery Decor

Paper Flowers Take Center Stage In Nursery Decor

Nursery decor is part and parcel to the whole beauty of celebrating and preparing for a new life. Babies are special and their first baby nursery decor is uniquely momentous. So when I get a request from a new mommy-to-be to make a paper flower set, I am thrilled and honored to be chosen for the task.

Baby Nursery Decor


The color palettes of nurseries are sometimes the traditional you might think for little girls with pinks being a dominate color.


Sometimes the color is found in the wall and the flowers remain neutral with creams and white tones.

Other times a complimentary paper flower color accompanies the pinks like lavender and teal.

Bold colors of navy and teal also make for beautiful complimentary paper flower shades to the pinks.

This nursery set of paper flowers had the extra accent of a matching paper flower mobile in beautiful hues of cream, gold, and gray.

The one consistent thing I notice in customer photographs is that the paper flowers for the nursery always seem to go above the crib. It is the focal point of the room and takes center stage!


I do always caution the mama that they need to think about when those little hands will reach up someday. Of course the mattress goes lower but those little legs and arms can still reach more than you think. ( I speak from experience here!)

paper flower nursery decor


I’ll never forget the planning and preparation that went into my first little one’s room. We painted it yellow (the traditional thing 34 years ago when you didn’t know if it would be a boy or girl). I hung curtains, made a quilt, hung pictures, and set up the crib…..only to move before the baby arrived! I don’t regret it one bit though. I have fond memories of the preparation and anticipation.

So getting to be a part of that with my flowers is pretty special.

Babies….mine are grown. My grand-babies are getting bigger too. I’m glad I still get to help decorate nurseries because babies are really so special! You can shop on Facebook, Etsy or my website if you’d like some flowers to welcome your little one. There is no color palette or size of flowers that can’t be designed just for you and your new bundle of joy. Perhaps your nursery can be in the next edition of a blog post showing off customer photos!