The Red, White and Blue of Summer Decor

The Red, White and Blue of Summer Decor

Summertime is defined by many things. Step outside and you can feel the heat. You can hear the splashing of the pool if you listen closely. Do you smell the flowers and taste the barbecue?


What do you see?

red white blue rolled rose WM

I see red, white, and blue everywhere! Patriotism, the flag, fireworks all go hand in hand with the summer months.

patriotic decor | Barb Ann Designs |

I love to decorate for all of the seasons. Summer is no exception.

pinwheels on patriotic tablescape

One of the primary places of seasonal decor is my dining room table. It was time for the pinks and pastels to give way to the bold red, white, and blues.

patriotic tablescape | Barb Ann Designs |


Here is a video of my process in fast speed. Oh if I could only do things this fast in real life!



There are so many things that you can use in your decor. A go to for me is always old books. These are even extra great because they are American history books! Pairing them with one of my paper pinwheels makes it extra fun! And this chair!! Oh my, I just love using it for decor!

books and pinwheels in red white and blue | Barb Ann Designs |

Another idea is to use an old book cover and make some fun patriotic art! A little paint and burlap make this easy-peasy.

flag book cover art | Barb Ann Designs |

Flags are a must for summer decorating. I like to make mine look a little more vintage. Check out this tutorial for how to “antique” the cute dollar store flags easily.

Flag Distressing Tutorial

Then put them everywhere!

table centerpiece with flag | Barb Ann Designs |

You can even use your produce to show off your patriotism!

cherries on scale | Barb Ann Designs |

How do you decorate for summer?