If you are a collector of buttons like me, you need some button storage solutions to know how to keep them orderly. Buttons come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Button storage solutions also can take on a few different varieties. I like to store my buttons in ways that are both functional and pretty. Let me show you 4 ways I’ve come up with.

Button Photograph


The Dump in Something Pretty Button Storage Solution

The easiest method to store them is just to dump them in a bowl, a jar, or any container you can find. The colorful chaos is therapeutic and fun to sort through.


pretty button storage solutions

Color Sorting  Button Storage Solutions

If your cup of tea in organizing is to have all the colors separated. Then finding a plastic divided tub is a great option for you. They can easily be found at craft stores for just a few dollars. Just don’t cry about it when you drop them on the floor. (I say this from a voice of experience.)

sort and store buttons in plastic divider tubs


Muffin Tins aren’t just for the Kitchen

If you’d like that separation but with a vintage flair for display, then muffin tins are your ideal choice for button storage solutions. They can also divide and display many other things that need to be sorted.

Muffin Tins make great storage solutions for buttons and such


Keep Those Cards

But what if your buttons are still on cards. Many of my vintage ones are and I want to keep it that way. The old cards are just as lovely as the buttons sometimes. For this storage solution I incorporated some of my enamel ware collection and wire baskets to hold my precious cargo.

vintage buttons make great display


There’s no wrong or right way to store you buttons.

I can’t say that I have a favorite way. Each one appeals to me. When I’m really needing a small purple button, most likely you’ll find me in that divided plastic storage box. If I just want a button in general, there’s nothing like digging around in the bowl to find the perfect one. If I need multiple buttons to all be matching then I go to the ones on cards. I use each of these methods for storing and more. For me if things are put away in drawers, I tend to forget about them. So, you’ll see each of these storage systems around my art studio.


For my creative spirit, collecting and storing my supplies is half the fun. Button storage is a favorite because buttons rank up there in my top nick-nack supply love list.

What do you like to collect in vast number in your crafting/art space? Do you display them with thoughts only on purpose or does design and display play a factor.

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