Let's build a birdhouse. All you need is an old book or hymnal. The thicker the book the fuller the birdhouse will be. So, ready set: FOLD!!
The first step is to tear off the cover of the book. Then you will begin folding pages. There are two primary fold styles that alternate every other page. For the first fold, take the top right corner of the page and fold it to the spine.
Now fold the side of this to the center of the page as shown in the photos below.
For the alternate pages, take the top right corner and fold towards the center. Then take the bottom right corner and fold up towards the center as shown below.
This photo below shows the two pages. Now alternate every other page with the two folds and fold and fold and....Keep folding!
Note: precise folds go a long way to making your birdhouse look nice and neat.
Once you are all through folding you will glue together the end pages.
If you want your bird house to hang, add a long piece of heavy jute glued down the center before gluing pages together.
The next step is to take a circle punch and cut out the hole. If you'd like to simply paint the hole, that works too. If using the circle punch, just gather a few pages and place the punch so it cuts out half of a circle. Choose your punch size based on your book size. I used a 3 inch circle punch on mine.
Now paint the inside of the punch out space with black paint.
I then glue some raffia inside the hole and randomly on the top of the birdhouse
For some finishing touches, wadded up some scrap paper to make little eggs to glue in. I also cut out some little birds, attached them to paperclips, and glue them in place. You could easily use purchased little birds from your local craft store as well.