Hello and welcome! I'm so pleased that you are visiting this site.
I'm Barb, the owner/artist at Barb Ann Designs. This is a new name change. You may have known me as Thoughtful Images Ink which I ran my business as for the last 5 years. Having this business with any name has been a long held dream of mine. Let me tell you a bit of the story.

Barb Ann Nichols

About me....this may be the hardest part of the site to add to. As many creative types, I've always had the inclination to be making something. As a little girl, it was Barbie doll clothes; as a teenager it was handmade stationary I doodled. The early years of motherhood brought the sewing machine back out to make all those matching Easter dresses (I even learned to smock!) It also was a time of decorating birthday cakes, painting, and scrapbooking. The scrapbooking really took and stayed a constant and that led to card making.
Teaching classes on card making at my church was what led me to dream of having a little cottage business. My kids were grown and the time seemed right. So in 2010, I picked a name and the journey began.
Here's one of my first banners for Etsy.
That name was a bit of a word picture that still tells my story. Let me explain: I believe my spiritual gifting comes in the form of encouragement. That is what fuels me. Thus came the "thoughtful." I must add this disclaimer: I do realize that my snarky magnets might not seem so "thoughtful" but giving people a laugh is....right?
On to the "images" part of the equation. This symbolizes my love of all things beautiful. Photographs, art, graphics, and such are something I value. I am definitely a visual learner and I am touched by things I see. The "ink" was a play off incorporated and because I inked the edges of most things I made.
another early banner for my business showing my love affair with beautiful flowers.
So, Thoughtful Images Ink was my name for 5 years.
It seemed like the winds of change were upon me. The name didn't seem like a good fit for moving forward. I spent lots of scratch paper brainstorming a new name for this business of mine. I finally figured why not make it MY name. So while I'm just Barb to everyone one I know, my new name also incorporates my middle name as well. Although now my hubby likes to call me "BarbAnn" to tease me a bit 🙂
So my journey continues with this new name though many things remain the same. The new friends I've meet along the way have been priceless. The experience has been a challenge at times but ever so rewarding. I LOVE when someone laughs at a magnet or appreciates a pretty card I made. Making flowers for brides and their special day is ever so rewarding! Doing shows and setting up my own little shop is a LOT of work but great fun.

So that's my story, or at least part of it. Somewhere along the way I changed my mindset from being a housewife who does crafts in her spare room, to an artist who creates in my studio (which you can see by clicking here).

I still feel uncomfortable with that title but I'm happy to try to fill the shoes. I'm sure I will keep changing as this journey continues but this site is a happy representation of what my business is today.